AWP Wood Products

Wood Products Distribution

AWP Wood Products is a wholesaler of hardwood plywood and lumber and a manufacturer of premium millwork and molding. In addition to its physical presence in Little Rock, Arkansas, the company provides the custom cabinet industry with, an online catalog. This platform provides all of our clients with "one-stop shopping." The distribution areas of AWP include Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, and Texas, among others.

AWP works with industry-leading providers of lumber and plywood and purchases around 9 million board feet of Hardwood lumber annually to supply its customers with the highest quality products available. Regularly acquired materials include hard and soft maple, poplar, FAS red oak, and 4/4 Northern and Appalachian KD. The company acquires an average of 50 containers of exotic lumber, 50 to 75 truckloads of MDF, and roughly 500 truckloads of hardwood plywood per year. In addition, AWP typically acquires about 45 truckloads of Poplar and Red Oak gang-ripped blanks annually.

The AWP Business Solutions

In 2014, Victor Barringer acquired and renamed the currently known AWP business to AWP Wood Products. The initials represent Acadian Wood Products. Additionally, build-, a sibling company and provider of everything relating to custom cabinets, was created in 2019 and has its headquarters in the Little Rock region. The objective of is straightforward: to provide precisely what you require at an affordable price in our local markets and across the nation.

The Prospect of AWP Enterprise Products

AWP's mission statement demonstrates its devotion to quality. The objective is to collaborate with suppliers and customers to provide unmatched service, products, and solutions within the specialty hardwoods sector. AWP feeds the production of flooring, furniture, cabinetry, and more across the nation due to the variety of woods it offers. Through BuildProud, purchasers may anticipate high-quality items and traditional service as the team sources the desired products at the lowest costs. This promise of quality and service translates to substantial savings and hassle-free transactions, and customer ratings indicate that each account has a great working relationship. According to Victor Barring, "I am the Chief Quality Control Officer, relationships are important to AWP, and our top clients have my direct line and may contact me whenever something is not right."

The Associations of Professionals for AWP Wood Products

It is necessary to join a professional association where peers and industry experts serve as valuable resources and contacts to successfully operate within a global economy and promote sustainable and ethical business practices. There are four prominent organizations in which AWP maintains active memberships. Cabinet Makers Association, Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association, National Hardwood Lumber Association, and Hardwood Distributors Association.

Our Business Solutions Products

Consumers have additional options for hardwood and specialty woodworking thanks to the product offerings of BuildProud and AWP. In addition, the assortment meets requests for both common and uncommon things. Nevertheless, the in-house millwright and molding program provides trained craftspeople with greater control over desired goods and adjustments. This is a massive edge over the competitors in the business, as the work is not outsourced, resulting in cost savings that are passed on to the customer. It is a significant factor in the 62 percent increase in sales over the past two years and the addition of more than 300 new accounts.

Personalized Millwork and Molding

The benefit of the bespoke millwork program is the superior craftsmanship compared to mass-produced, one-size-fits-all products. When requested, the labor of an experienced millwright delivers a more refined appearance and enhanced functionality. Bed moldings, Cabinet door edge, Chair rail, Door and glass stop, Crown or cove molding, Simulated louver, Lattice, Scribe/shelf edge, and Custom Cabinetry are among the inventory options available through the program.

The BuildProud team collaborates with Salice, Richelieu, and Filter for cabinetry hardware. Each of these companies has improved the functionality of drawer slides and the stability of cabinet door hinges. Nonetheless, the inventory includes veneer, edge banding items, adhesives, Famowood, screws, and adhesives. AWP and its BuildProud branch satisfy every demand for hardwood lumber and custom cabinetry.